The Town and Mine Tour will take you to:

  • Two underground churches
  • Underground homes
  • Underground opal mine
  • Museum with an award-winning documentary in the only underground cinema
  • The famous opal fields
  • The unique golf course
  • Fossicking for your own opal

Adults : $50, Seniors : $45
Children : $25  (5-16 yrs)
Third child free

Daily Departure : 8.30 AM
Duration : 3 hours
Book at reception or by phone:  (08) 8672 5169




Sunset Breakaways Tour

 This is a 70 km roundtrip which will take you to the Breakaways situated out of town and on the edge of the Moon Plain.

Daily Departure : two and a half hours before sunset
(This of course changes through the year)
Duration : approximately 3 hours
Departs from the Caravan Park
Free local pick up and drop off

Book at reception by 2 pm
or by phone : (08) 8672 5169

Adults : $60
Children : $30

You will be taken out to Kanku National Park where you will be able to appreciate the unique physical features of the area with explanations from your guide. A warm muffin with tea/coffee as you take in the sunset (and at times the moonrise as well) over the majestic Breakaways is an unforgettable experience.  Some features to note :

 Dingo Fence

Erected to protect sheep from dingoes.  It is around 5,000 km  long and stretches from South Australia to Queensland.  Six foot high, dug into the ground at a depth of 12 inches to prevent dingoes from burrowing underneath.

 Moon Plain

A mineral expanse bearing witness to milleniums gone by. The flat stones often with rounded edges originated in the Flinders Ranges and were transported, reshaped and polished by glacial activity. The area appears empty, dead, yet life pulses everywhere : rabbits, lizards, insects, snakes inhabit this terrain.  It only needs a good rain and the place is transformed – a carpet of little yellow flowers which bring to mind the green hills of Scotland.
Evidence of ancient rainforests from 350 million years ago.



The Breakaways themselves
When you reach the Breakaways you have the impression that the ground has fallen away by thirty metres and an endless plain stretches out,  studded with rocky outcrops.  It is as if you are witnessing the birth of a new world and that you have arrived at the gates of paradise after many lengthy detours, as in the film “Ice”.  The landscape is full of hope, a new Eden.

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Oasis Family Park sunset Breakaways tours

 On the way back


On the way back and perhaps picking up a pizza at John's, George will drop you back at your hotel, or your preferred restaurant and will even go round the tourist park and drop you in front of your tent, caravan or motorhome.

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